WPdev: WordPress Development services

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WPdev / HelloARI provides WordPress development services in San Francisco and around the world.

SF Bay area custom WordPress based websites for leading companies and organizations in the Bay Area and around the world


WordPress is my content management platform of choice. It is open source with a large and active community. It is based on the open source industry standards: PHP & MySQL.

What I like about WordPress is that it offers developers tremendous flexibility to build highly dynamic, easy-to-maintain sites—with or without blogs. The depth of its plugin library and the elegance of its code reveal their usefulness over time.

WordPress has both inclusive core functionality and an extensive list of third-party plugins.

Industry Leader
There are many exciting sites using WordPress today. It’s hard to wrap one’s imagination around the millions of websites that have been built with WordPress. It’s hard to measure but about 21% of the top 10 million websites on the internet worldwide are built with WordPress.

Some high-profile sites include:

CMS market share:

  • WordPress has over 53%
  • Joomla has over 9%
  • Drupal has 6%
  • Others make up the remaining 30%

The WordPress.org plugins repository new active installs metric: there are 220 million active plugins installed on self-hosted WordPress.org websites. If there are @25 plugins, installed on average @18 of the plugins are active…. Based on stats released by Yoast and Lorelle VanFossen on Mid 2012, WordPress.com is hosting ~50% of the WordPress sites on the web. That equals @24 million active WordPress sites.

For the in depth calculations check out the full post:
540M Active Plugins Makes WordPress a Billion Dollar Market


WPdev specializes in WordPress including design, development and customization. The impressive scalability of WordPress make it an excellent CMS choice for a powerful and flexible website.



You dream it. We build it. Better yet, We can dream it for you. Custom theme development starts with raw HTML/CSS and the other front-end technologies to deliver elegant and modern UX/UI. We integrate our front end design into the WordPress platform to create a efficient and responsive theme for your project.



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