SSL HTTPS errors in mac safari and chrome and iTunes

my problems were in safari and chrome – firefox was fine. i also started having problems with iTunes issuing lots of security warnings – this caused it to be unusable.

safari can’t load CSS
chrome also
safari+chrome cna’t load CSS
safari – give SSL security warning
chrome – blocked err_cert_authority_invalid

safari – NO PROBLEMS

chrome – blocked err_cert_authority_invalid


root for apple=verisign>verisign>apple
root for paypal = verisign>symantec>paypal


delete the Verisign certificates in my Keychain Access app

  1. “Keychain Access” app –  on the left side, click on  “login” keychain. Right Click on “Verisign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority – G5” and click delete. I also deleted other Verisign keys here, but not sure it is necessary. You can also select and delete – you dont have to right click.
  2. close your browser, open it. enjoy. no need to manually reinstall the certificates



problem is related to Apple Mavericks/ML Security Update 2015-004. see:

  1. pearing-as-an-invalid-authority

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