Melissa Guerrero: Interior Design and Museum Project Management


Melissa Guerrero: Interior Design and Museum Project Management is an interior design firm in San Francisco.

A passion for design:

The technicalities of the layout, the lighting and the signage. How a sculpture gets displayed, pedestal or not. All the way down to the what color the walls should be. It’s all very satisfying to me.

That said, doing color consulting for homes, interior or exterior, is just as satisfying. Color’s come easy to me and I love combining them to flow easily from room to room, creating a visual mood experience.

I recommend Melissa for her experience designing all kinds of spaces (interiors, art exhibits and photo shoots), her wonderful flexibility and ability to work within strict timelines/budgets.

Another Interior design testimonial:

Melissa was really fast with concept, color and light shopping for us after we supplied the initial “inspiration”–Alice in Wonderland (based on a vintage Disney poster). We then found a bedding set that we couldn’t resist and asked her to incorporate even though it wasn’t very Alice-ey. Instead of blending 2 competing themes, she convinced us to drop Alice altogether and switch over to the bedding’s inspiration and glad she did: cute Asian dolls (like our 2 little hapa girls) and multicolor Chinese lanterns.



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