Fiat Tiny Car – Engine has big ideas



interesting to learn more about the engine of this car — The MultiAir name comes from the system’s ability to open the valves multiple times in one intake stroke, promoting charge turbulence and aiding combustion.

Looks aside, our 500 isn’t Europe’s 500. Everything from interior layout to crash structure has been tweaked in the interest of appealing to stateside needs. Because we’re a nation of fatties, the front seats have been widened, the center console narrowed. The back of the rear seat is now carpeted, not painted metal, because we supposedly like that sort of thing. Steering and suspension tuning have been modified. And there’s a glove box and driver’s armrest where Europe had none, because Europeans apparently don’t wear gloves, or perhaps have no arms at all. (The mind boggles. Maybe it’s a trend.)

via Fiat Has Big Hopes for its Tiny Car | Product Reviews |


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