New Fee Is A Chance To Break Verizon Contract – No Early Termination Fee

It is now (a rare opportunity) possible to break out of a Verizon Wireless contract – but only for  the next 60 days without paying an early termination fee

Why? They are bumping up the regulatory fee they charge customers from $.13 to $.16. This is what is known as a materially adverse change of contract and by standard contract law, it renders the contract void if one of the parties doesn’t like the change.

Please read up on what materially adverse change of contract means. Basically you signed a contract to get a given service at a given price, and after you signed it, they made it cost more. It doesn’t matter if it’s $50, a penny, or in this case, 3 cents. It’s still materially adverse.

Then you’ll have to call up Verizon and ask to be transferred to the retention department. There you will pitch your case that this fee is a materially adverse change of contract, it voids the contract, and you demand to be let out of your contract without paying an early termination fee.

If they offer you freebies, turn them down. If they ask you if there is any other reason whatsoever, like your satisfaction with the service or the quality of it, that is making you leave, say no. Be single-mindedly focused on how this fee increase is the reason why you want to leave. And don’t be scared. Despite its important-sounding name, the “Regulatory fee” is not charged by the government, it’s just another fee Verizon accesses.

Worst comes to worst and they refuse to abide by standard contract law, you can take them to small claims court. You only have 60 days from July 1st to make the cancellation because after that it is assumed that you have accepted any change to the contract.

The reps may argue with you, they may tell you information that is not accurate, they may give you the runaround. Sometimes they’re misinformed, other times they’re just under extreme pressure not to let anyone leave without paying the toll. Don’t be afraid to hang up and try someone else or escalate to a supervisor.


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