Why I like vox. (after hours of research)

i spent hours hunting and researching blog options. i hope this info is useful to someone.

general notes:
-my goal is to have a way to share images and video on one blog. my setup includes having a mac, using iPhoto for my huge archive of photos and videos and using a Treo 650 smartphone. i want to have a way to view the blog on my treo. i was using “splahblog” which had a wonderful ‘sync’ program for the treo but it was very lacking in other areas and the website was slow.

note: all 3 sites below can accept emailed photos. this is a really easy way to get images up on the blog. what i do is use the iPhoto email tool and resize to ‘large’.

– great interface although there are so many options it can be confusing at first.  allows for some nice and simple customizations
-vox is a “real blog” in that you can have entries that combine text and images (and video). in the other two you can add text to one image but you can’t make a page (or “blog post”) that combines multiple bits of text and image thumbnails. at the same time, you don’t have to add an image to a “post” in order for it to be viewable on the main page as well as the “photos” page. so you can have a stream of images and videos and occasionally write a post about some of them

-does it do video? yes
– flock wont upload to it (yet). really sofisticaed import tools for flickr and photobucket (and more). for some reason you can’t import video from pb – only youtube.
-treo app gives some nice options for uploading a post but doesn’t do as much as splahblog did; it doesn’t sync the whole blog. however, vox has a mobile-friendly version of their site.
-limits: 2gb/month (limit only applies to files directly uploaded, not imported from youtube/photobucket)
-pro limits – no pro option

-nothing will upload directly to it except winXP uploader. but i find that using the email option works nice. it’s very fast.
-videos from canon camera – upload ok unless over 50meg (or 5min?). if it’s too big you can’t just crop it in QTpro but you can export as mp4 with mace audio. that export is fast and reduces filesize alot. or just upload to youtube and import.
-can’t edit a post from safari

-does it do video? no
-customize look of the page?  no
-browse mobile/treo? if you go to the home page you get a mobile version of the site but when i go directly to my page it’s the regular site. however, you can go to m.flickr.com to get a mobile site, i was able to find my page there.
-limit of 100meg, 200 img in ‘stream’ per month
-pro limits:   unilmited storage/bandwidth
-can upload with many tools: FlickrExport works directly from iPhoto but it seems a bit slow and won’t resize basd on aspect ratio. lots of other tools: 1001, juploadr, flock

-does it do video? yes
-customize look of the page?  no
-browse mobile/treo? no
-limits: monthly bw:10gb, total album size only 1gb
-pro limits: still limited to 5bg total
-shows ugly ads
-can upload with flock (only photos)

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