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WordPress is my content management platform of choice. It is open source with a large and active community. It is based on the open source industry standards: PHP & MySQL.

What I like about WordPress is that it offers developers tremendous flexibility to build highly dynamic, easy-to-maintain sites—with or without blogs. The depth of its plugin library and the elegance of its code reveal their usefulness over time.

WordPress has both inclusive core functionality and an extensive list of third-party plugins.

Industry Leader
There are many exciting sites using WordPress today. It’s hard to wrap one’s imagination around the millions of websites that have been built with WordPress. It’s hard to measure but about 21% of the top 10 million websites on the internet worldwide are built with WordPress.

Some high-profile sites include:

CMS market share:

  • WordPress has over 53%
  • Joomla has over 9%
  • Drupal has 6%
  • Others make up the remaining 30%

The WordPress.org plugins repository new active installs metric: there are 220 million active plugins installed on self-hosted WordPress.org websites. If there are @25 plugins, installed on average @18 of the plugins are active…. Based on stats released by Yoast and Lorelle VanFossen on Mid 2012, WordPress.com is hosting ~50% of the WordPress sites on the web. That equals @24 million active WordPress sites.

For the in depth calculations check out the full post:
540M Active Plugins Makes WordPress a Billion Dollar Market


WPdev specializes in WordPress including design, development and customization. The impressive scalability of WordPress make it an excellent CMS choice for a powerful and flexible website.



You dream it. We build it. Better yet, We can dream it for you. Custom theme development starts with raw HTML/CSS and the other front-end technologies to deliver elegant and modern UX/UI. We integrate our front end design into the WordPress platform to create a efficient and responsive theme for your project.


Google App password confusion for macOS


I enabled 2 step authentication (2FA) on my Google Apps/Gmail account.  I then added “App Passwords” to connect my iPhone and other devices.

One observation: When I enter the “app password” I get the message “please enter your google account password” but when i enter a random string I get “the email and password you entered don’t match”.

This is within both MacOS system preferences and on my iOS settings. The app password for Apple Mail didn’t seem to work either when i enter it under ‘accounts’ in apple mail.

This didn’t help: If your App Password is still not working, try going to https://accounts.google.com/DisplayUnlockCaptcha on your phone’s browser. Enter your username and password, then type the letters on the screen. Then go back to the application you’re trying to access and enter your App Password.


So the solution was to enter my regular password first (not the “app password”) – and the next “page” of the authentication process would then ask me for the Google authenticator 6 digit code. It sounds so obvious but in the context of an “App” password it was confusing.

MacOS preferences Screen Shot 2016.jpg

External Battery Packs for MacBook


ChugPlug External Battery Pack for MacBook Air 11″ and 13″ and MacBook Pro 13″ Portable Charger (Works with 60 and 45 Watt MagSafe Adapters): Computers & Accessories

$200 on sale for $20 (as of 12/18/2015). Great price BUT this thing is a bit too big for me to really carry it around. 1.1 pounds (500 gram)


Lizone® Extra Pro 40000mAh External Battery Charger for Apple MacBook Pro Air…HP and Lenovo…USB Power Bank Charger for Apple iPad iPhone; Samsung MOTO LG HTC…Aluminum UniBody Black 40000mAh



BatteryBox 16000mAh (60Wh) High Capacity Portable External Battery Pack Charger for 2012 or later MacBook Pro Retina and Air laptops with USB output for iPhone, Galaxy, iPad and more


Overall the selection is not very impressive. What i really want is this device below – but with a battery component….


this one is not a battery – but a very compact charger for laptop and extra USB ports for smaller devices:

Length: 93mm / Diameter 34mm / 100g

SSL HTTPS errors in mac safari and chrome and iTunes

my problems were in safari and chrome – firefox was fine. i also started having problems with iTunes issuing lots of security warnings – this caused it to be unusable.


safari can’t load CSS
chrome also

safari+chrome cna’t load CSS

safari – give SSL security warning
chrome – blocked err_cert_authority_invalid


safari – NO PROBLEMS

chrome – blocked err_cert_authority_invalid


root for apple=verisign>verisign>apple
root for paypal = verisign>symantec>paypal


delete the Verisign certificates in my Keychain Access app

  1. “Keychain Access” app –  on the left side, click on  “login” keychain. Right Click on “Verisign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority – G5” and click delete. I also deleted other Verisign keys here, but not sure it is necessary. You can also select and delete – you dont have to right click.
  2. close your browser, open it. enjoy. no need to manually reinstall the certificates



problem is related to Apple Mavericks/ML Security Update 2015-004. see:

  1. http://security.stackexchange.com/questions/85830/why-is-symantec-verisign-ca-ap pearing-as-an-invalid-authority
  2. https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/SE3sKXg0iFQ

Scam alert – web designers targeted – hearing impaired wants agroamerica site

I moved this post about agroamerica scam to my main blog:


Also read the Forum post here: http://www.graphicdesignforum.com/forum/forum/graphic-design/general/1584508-scam-alert

  • Ultimately, he wanted to send me the amount of the project plus an additional $2700 which I was then to pay his content manager.
  • Post any online classified ad and you’ll get a bunch of quick replies from people “interested in your item” they all use this we’ll send you extra money ploy. The check is always counterfeit.

In my full post I list  the 2 exchanges I had recently…. luckily that second one tipped me off that the first one was a scam. I didn’t waste time sending them a proposal.

A comment: That scam is almost as old as the rich africans trying to get their money out of the country. …. The check is always counterfeit.

How to use hashtags on instagram.com?


While you can create and view hashtags on the instagram app you can’t view hashtags on the instagram.com website.

There are a bunch of limitations on how you can interact with your account via the instagram.com website – it doesn’t offer all the features of the app. It’s very confusing since many other online services (like Facebook) offer full functionality on both website and app.

You can see lots of notes about how to use the API that show you  ways to display hashtag-sorted images yet instagram.com itself doesn’t offer any way to view by hashtag. “Hashtag instagram” is a very popular question online but the answer is confusing if you are not on the app.

Dollar to Yen exchange – cash vs travelers cheques vs USPS money order vs ATM


I had a hard time getting straight answers from my bank – they didn’t know what rate they would give at foreign ATMs for example. So here’s my current research.

This page for the airport exchange rates shows a full 3% better rate for exchanges done with TC vs cash: http://www.narita-airport.or.jp/exchange_e/
The airport in Japan has a reliably good rate compared to other money exchange options.

Today (8/8/2014) buying Yen via cash at the airport is at 98.75
and T/C is at 100.75 (travelers cheques)
Interbank rate is 101.86 (not what it’s really called I guess)

So it seems travelers checques (T/C) are best — but if you have to pay for them you will quickly cut into whatever savings you might see. Many banks no longer offer them at all. If you have an American Express card you may be able to get them free.

I heard that USPS (Post Office) International postal money orders were a good deal but the max amount is $700 and there is a $5 fee. So that’s a .7% fee. You can buy as many as you want but each one maxes out at $700. One big advantage is that you get a receipt and can get them back if you lose them – it’s not a simple process but it is possible. You need to make them out to yourself – or whomever is to receive the money – as soon as you get them.

I just went to a Japanese post office (JapanPost) to exchange the USPS postal money order that I bought at USPS and got a rate of 100.60. Note that you need to have something with your address on it so you might want your passport plus a drivers license since passports usually don’t have addresses in them.

So now we know that the exchange rate at a Japanese post office is similar to T/C rate (I could not find that info online anywhere). Since the T/C rate is about 3% I saved about 2.3%. On $1000 that would be $23.


Here’s a sample transaction:
$245.60 for ¥25,000 yen = a rate of 101.79
(101.91 was the interbank rate that day – That’s what I call it but someone out there can give me a better term?)

So that’s a great rate (I paid no fees) but…. there are usually extra fees – and lots of them. Some banks waive fees under certain circumstances.

typical fees:

  • @1% percentage fees “conversion fee”

plus fixed fees:

  • $5 (charged by Wells Fargo)
  • $2 or $3 local bank fee

Wells Fargo gives discounts on some PMA accounts – 2 withdrawals per month for free (2 per account per statement month) – but that only waives the $5 fee. Other PMA accounts get both fees waived for unlimited withdrawals.

So one trick is to raise your  withdrawal limit so you can get more money at one time. Any bank will do that – limits usually start at $300 and I’m not sure what the upper limit might be. But if you have to pay $5 or more per transaction then having a high limit will make that a low relative %.


  • percentage fees
  • 3% fee for debit charges – or free for some accounts

1 USD = 101.7605 JPY


  • As of 11:30, Jun 11, 2013 T/C 97.80 CASH 95.80
  • As of 11:30, Jun 17, 2013 T/C 93.67 CASH 91.67

and now, one year later, it’s up about 10%: 100.75 (cash at 98.75)

Google offers a nice graph of the exchange rate of Yen to Dollar

Links about banks and ATMs